Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Its crazy to think that we actually suggested to James and Beth that we altered our plans for this weekend because the weather looked so awful! In fact, the weather was wonderful for a spot of camping!

We met up near Stratford upon Avon as it is between the two of us (silly country with no good landscapes equidistant and not far from York and Basingstoke!), at a campsite that allowed campfires and no cars near the tents. Wheelbarrows were provided to move around you stuff and to play in ad infinitum!

This made everyone happy, even those too small to really appreciate the fun of wheelbarrow races.

It was a lovely campsite and pretty much empty so we had acres of space to ourselves and lovely clearings in long grass to pitch. Its no wonder that we spent most of Sunday playing around the campsite in the warm sun and only ventured out for a short walk down to the airfield to watch little planes take off and land.

The best thing about a campfire isn't a fire after dark with marshmallows, its actually breakfast. There is nothing better than rekindling a still warm fire and making breakfast on it while it warms you up in the cool morning air.

We had bacon and eggs and toasted bagels. Perfect!

Then we spent the day at the Heritage Motor Centre which Nathaniel thought was amazing. He looked at pretty much everything, and played with all the hands-on exhibits, but unsurprisingly, liked the couple of vintage cars that you were allowed to climb on the most. Thea thought they were pretty good too.

Nathaniel's next favourite was an MG Midget which had been taken apart so that you could look at cross sections of it all. We spent a long time here......

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend. We got to sit and chat for ages and the kids all amused each other, each thinking the older one was amazing, and Nathaniel delighting in playing in Beth and James' tent.

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