Friday, 1 March 2013

Creepy Crawlies

I hate Creepy Crawlies - it's a hanger of soft play fun with a soundtrack to match with a rule about food from home and a cafe full of grot. It is a good way to over-stimulate, exhaust and generally mess with your kids. So, typically, they love it. Nathaniel's friend Robin was keen to go again, so this morning, four adults and seven kids took it on, starting very early to beat the crowds.

Its actually great fun, and if it was just us, I'd love it. Its the noise and the other kids and the food and music that gets to me. Thea was obsessed with the giant slides - she loved coming down them, but prefered to walk up them and I spent most of the morning removing her from the bottom and explaining the in a wonderfully pointless way that it was ridiculously dangerous and she was going to get squashed.

Nathaniel and Dylan and Noah and Robin romped around the "rack" which I call the "cage" and threw themselves off stuff onto the crash mats and Nathaniel stood at the top of slides and refused to come down. Thea was pretty excited by the cage, but was a little small for most of it. Mostly she lay down and dragged herself along to a soundtrack of "brmmmm". Interestly, despite the fact that it is a total maze, and Nathaniel's biggest fear is getting lost and unable to get out, it didn't matter where I put here down - she was always able to walk out (and back to the bottom of the slides), by the shortest route. I think she's got my sense of direction.

The ball pool was their favourite place to be together, though pelting balls at each other made them as bad as the other hideous kids who I love meeting there.

In one area there is hard standing with some weird wheeled items (loved by Nathaniel and D, N and R) and rockers. Thea loved the rockers and spent a good 20 minutes just climbing on and off and rocking violently to the extent that other parents rushed over to check she wasn't about to be catapulted over the front. By this time I took this video she was starting to space out and just rocking as she watched the big boys:

They all enjoyed the caterpillar tube - good for crawling through, and running around being a caterpillar.

It didn't worry Thea a bit when she was "eaten" by Noah during her rocking:

Now Thea is asleep in the car, and Nathaniel, having been sent up for a 40 minute quiet time about an hour ago, is lying on his bed reading. Definitely over stimulated!

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Grannyjanny said...

You're right - the background noise level is horrendous! But I can see why the children love it!