Saturday, 2 March 2013


Jim and Vicki have bought a car, and it was a sunny day, and everyone needed a change of scenery, so we pottered up to Rievaulx to bimble and have some lunch in Helmsley.

Nathaniel and Vicki were in charge of book reading and identifying drains and ancient toilets;

After the first 45 mins we didn't learn much about the monks, but mainly galavanted over the place. Nathaniel looked for interesting places to climb;

And Thea charged around the place. This is one of the rare occasions she bothered to hold someone's hand.

Mostly she just did her own thing, which was amusing when her own thing was systematically swimming on each and every column base along the cloister;

but less so when it was trying to climb down spiral staircases unaided. (No photo for obvious reasons!)

And if there was any doubt that these two were related, check out the crazy tongues:

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