Saturday, 8 June 2013


I've pretty much stopped drinking beer out of bottles because they are too fizzy and not the warm, flat ale that I was brought up on. But as two small children slightly hamper pub visits, this means that not much beer has been drunk. Which is sad.

So for my birthday, Ian bought me homebrewing kit (and the children got me good beer glasses), and we set to work making our own creation.

Nathaniel and Thea helped and then got embroiled in their own version (much messier).

NB Thea's outfit is a joke.

Two weeks later, we didn't expect it to be ready, but on returning from camping in the sun and fancying a pint in the garden, we thought that we'd just see how it was doing.

The answer - perfectly! Clear and sediment-free and very, very gluggable.

Much beer will be drunk!

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