Friday, 17 May 2013


Thea is very fond of horses at the minute. When she sees one (real or in a book), she says "Nay! Dop, dip, dop, dip" (clip clop).

So we thought we better take her to the racecourse to see the nays.

We've got our system worked out now, so we were in the right place to see two starts and watch the tired nays walking back to the stables after the race. As usual, it was pretty exciting because race-nays are rather big and go very fast.

Nathaniel wasn't desperately interested in the horses, but he was absolutely fascinated by the processes in getting the races started. He watched, with great concentration, the racecourse people (who knows what they are called?), moving the starting gates after the race - removing the numbers over each gate, hitching them up to land rovers, towing them to the next start, resetting, putting up the starters platform and attaching the gate-opening button etc etc etc. Very interesting.

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Grannyjanny said...

Hoping to see some pictures of the Lakes weekend ....