Sunday, 4 May 2014

Sailing Club

We have rejoined the sailing season (it started when it was rather chilly and windy for little people), at open day season, so our first visit was to clear up ready for visitors. Which is always fun!

And then the next day was the open day. It was a little windy and Ian had flown off to more exciting places, so we didn't get to do any sailing, but we spent plenty of time in boats, even if they were on shore.

Thea asked constantly to go sailing, or at the very least to get into the motor boat, but lost her nerve when we got to the jetty. But we talked her in, and Nathaniel looked after her while we had a quick tour of the river.

It all went down hill from then - the next time we took the safety boat out, the motor cut out and couldn't be resucitated and I had to paddle them both back, upstream. Not much fun. So after that we stuck to the other main attraction of YRISC; tansy beetles. Please look them up because I don't have much to say except that, due to their total disinterest in roaming far from our little stretch of the Ouse, we are able to claim that we are safe guarding their uncertain future, and this will help us get grants to rebuild the clubhouse toilets! Here is one:

And here we are looking for one:

And after the tansy beetles have ceased to be interesting (not long), we play with the natural resources!

The next week was a bit better in terms of wind, and we all got out in the RS Slug. Hugh and I tried to teach ourselves about assymetric spinnakers in no wind and then we went out en famille. Thea was entirely convinced, but neither was she unconvinced.

That'll do for now.

And all this sailing malarky is very handy, as it qualifies us for providing interesting afternoons at school. This week we provided the entertainment by putting a topper in the yard and bringing in loads of sailing gear for Class Reception to try on. They seemed to have fun, and so did Class 1 and 2 who we indoctrinated later. And although it got rather silly that evening as Nathaniel and I dragged a topper on a trolley with only one wheel up the hill to berth it at a friends house while Ian rushed off to a meeting in Leeds, it was a good use of an afternoon and YRISC property!

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