Monday, 19 May 2014

Sleningford Bliss

We had put dates in the diary for camping long before weather forecasts became available for any given weekend, and as previously mentioned, this didn't always produce an ideal result. However, this weekend the gods smiled upon us. Two whole days of 21 degrees in the sun in a campsite on the river. Perfect.

No seriously, it was perfect!

Sleningford is 45 minutes from York (so travel was easy-peasy), on a bend in the River Ure. The campsite is on an island complete with beaches and slow rapids and rocks to climb on and so on. On Saturday morning, we set up the wood burning stove on the beach, and here we stayed.

Bruce played hunter-gathered and got out fly fishing kit, providing brown trout for breakfast.

The kids paddled and dug and splashed to their hearts content.

We read and chatted and drunk tea (and wine and whiskey), and in the afternoon braved the water for some swimming. It wasn't as cold as Ian's face suggests, but the current was pretty strong, and it was definitely hard work.

And there's not much more to say than that. We hardly moved from our pitch by the beach except for a little treasure hunting, and nothing exciting happened apart from relaxed fun. There was general happiness!

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