Friday, 6 June 2014

Scholastic achievements

Last week Nathaniel was named "Star of the Week" for his class and Thea and I went to assembly to help celebrate.

He was crowned the first ever "Punctuation Prince" which baffles him entirely. My indoctrination has led him to believe that if he doesn't punctuate his work accurately, it will not be understandable, and therefore he hasn't appreciated that there is an option for him not to do so! Poor kid.

We haven't seen the piece of work to which this accolade pertains, so instead I present Nathaniel's efforts for The Big Write. Every few weeks the whole school shares a writing session where they all write on the same subject. Except the reception class have until now participated in a big talk. A few weeks ago, they were deemed suitably competant to join in with the writing (though on a more tedious subject), and this is what Nathaniel produced on the subject of "My favourite thing to do".

(lic/lighc = like, pailing = playing, and my absolute favourite, bomfighus = bonfires)

This piece follows a theme which has appeared in other work that I have espied on the classroom walls:

You don't necessarily have to acheive academically to become Star of the Week. Last time it was awarded to Nathaniel, it was due to his Police Submarine which he constructed in the yard behind their classroom using all the furniture. I throughly believe he was awarded this a)so that he'd take it apart and b)to persaude him that good things do happen when he leaves the lego corner!

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