Saturday, 7 June 2014

This week

It's been a gentle week, I'd say that it was the calm before the storm, but considering how hectic May was, I think it's more like the eye of the storm. Here's some of what happened:

- I had a trip to London to pay homage to baby Molly (and chat with Hannah!), and managed to fit in supper with Nim and Higlary, and a fun morning to myself mooching round Borough Market (and making purchases that will only fuel the kids' love of spanish cured meat), and then Tate Modern.

I may have spent more time in the bookshop than in the galleries!

- I decided that just running increasingly long distances was getting a little silly, and bemused Thea by taking her up and down the hill to the Moor as fast as I could. She scooted, I ran. Except I went fast on the way up and she went fast on the way down. All very silly!

- The rain eventually stopped and Nathaniel recreated a PE lesson for me and Thea, teaching us tennis skills. It was actually rather fun!

- Ian and I rehearsed for our show at the Theatre Royal in a couple of weeks, and Ian (who is joining in with the storytelling), has been learning lines frantically!

- It's my favourite time of the year to be on the Moor - the butter cups are everywhere, so Dorothea and I have done much scooting! We collected elderflowers and put them in for campagning, but they got left too long and started to go mouldy! We're hoping for a bit of sun tomorrow so that we can try again.

- School has restarted again, and so has exhaustion, which sometimes leads to quiet snacks in the sun. They sat on the trampoline and read. I lay on a rug and read. And we all ate tasty ice lollies made from French cherry sirop!

- And a little boy who has worked hard in preparation for his music concert (in which he will play two different recorders!), sucessfully negotiated cupcakes.

Next week it all kicks off again......

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