Sunday, 28 February 2016

Boggle Hole

A plan had been made to go to the beach, and we were prepared, whatever the weather. But we were very impressed when after driving across the Moors, the clouds parted and we were greated by this:

There was excavating and climbing on rocks.

There was collecting of shells and very important sea-tossed pebbles. I found lots of stones with mysterious holes drilled through them (made by piddocks, I now know). I took pictures through them.

And, of course, we made Andy Goldsworth-inspired art that would change over time.

Then we were joined by the others and we set up camp with a beach shelter which was crazily warm inside. Sand castles were dug and decorated, more excavations were excavated and we cremated some sausages and beans.

The tide came in quickly and we moved camp. Thea got cold and had to be warmed by the fire and hot ribena and we played with kites as the sun set behind the cliffs.

I will never get used to the sun setting in the wrong direction here. How are you supposed to deal with the sun setting inland and not over the sea?!!!!

And for no reason at all, here is Nathaniel and Thea demonstrating how snuggly their almost matching jumpers are.

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