Monday, 1 February 2016

Just stuff

January has continued, and now it's February and we are mainly bored of it being dark the whole time. The Dutsons came to stay and we had a lovely time seeing them, but failed to take any photos at all! F and Thea have been busy - making slime:

and making their own wipe-clean silly faces

Thea is very in to making paper snowflakes. If you leave her alone for five minutes, she will have taken herself into a corner with paper and scissors and surrounded herself with a light floor covering of tiny pieces of cut paper. And of course, made a beautiful snowflake. But it's the many tiny, tiny pieces of paper that seem to make the most impact on our household!

Nathaniel has discovered coding. Last night he made a race for two arrows entirely unaided by me. You can play it here:

Here are the instructions:
Pres flag, pres space and riet-aroa and keep presing riet-R.
And for those of you who don't speak government-mandated phonics, the translation is:
Press the flag, press the space bar and the right arrow. Keep pressing the right arrow.

Think that just about covers us for now!

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