Sunday, 15 May 2016

Life dominated by Arthur Ransome

And so it continues.......

There is much excitement when a tow bar is fitted on the new car, allowing the boat to go back to the sailing club.

The new Optimist, acquired from the deep south, is installed under the club house:

And the crew get to work in sanding down the foils ready for re-varnishing.

An interest in making arrows in the style of the Amazon pirates leads to a morning learning how to do whipping (which was much better before I accidentally pulled out the feather and had to reinsert it for the photo):

And then arrows are made:

Meanwhile, everywhere you turn, you find a new boat picture has been drawn.

And Nathaniel has discovered the existance of Peel Island and is clamouring for a visit. Just as well we now have a canoe at our disposal!

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