Thursday, 19 May 2016


I am determined not to let the blog slide into being very out of date again, so you may have to deal with some very photo-heavy, word-light posts!

So far in May........
We took F to the new trampoline park for his birthday. It was fun! This was towards the end of the hour-long session, and they are both pretty exhausted!

Unfortunately I have no evidence of us learning how to do front flips. In fact I have very little evidence of anything, becuase they moved so fast, this is the least blurry photo I managed:

It was easier when they were sitting still enjoying the ultimate birthday treat - slush!

The Steiner School Spring Fair yet again raised the question - is it wonderful or is it a cult? When a group of rowdy 4 year olds fall immediately silent on the gentle ring of a bell in order to watch the puppet show, I err towards the latter.

Ring the bell for silence and then light the candle

There is a right way and a wrong way to decorate windows. Seriously, we have been taught this!

But when everyone (except me and Thea) are experts at circus tricks because they are given time to practice them in class everyday, I return to the former!

Of course, Thea is ecstatically happy there....

And who can resist the combination of maypole dancing and sheep in the playground?

On a very different note, Nathaniel attended a birthday party at a high wires park. Not one of those trendy ones in a forest, just some hire wires in a light industrial estate. not very aesthetically pleasing. I wasn't sure how well he would rise to this challenge, as he has not been very confident in the past, but he had a whale of a time and just powered round.

Rather him than me....

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