Monday, 20 November 2017

November 1

It's already got to that stage of the year where everyone has to carry a diary around so that they know what they are doing next, and if we get to the end of the week having eaten and slept on a regular basis, we feel like we have achieved something!

This week Nathaniel played for the school in a hockey tournament. His team played four matches against other local primaries, won 2 and drew 2. That almost got them into the final, but not quite. But they were pleased with how they played and everyone had fun.

Thea's birthday was started by a trip to go rollerblading with some friends. Some of them found it very difficult, but everyone managed to have fun, even if they had some very bruised bottoms!

Thea skated rings around everyone, and even Nathaniel looked reasonably accomplished.

Then we came home and ate cake, which was most delicious.

Also this week, Class 4 visited the Minster and I went too. It's fun taking them places as they are all extremely well behaved and so you spend the whole time having philosophical discussions with them! One child asked me what it was that the archbishop did that meant that he deserved to sit in the cathedra!

This is them enjoying the rose window and lamenting the lack of York roses.
Then it was Thea's birthday for real. Thank you for all her presents - she is greatly enjoying them!

 It was Children in Need day, so she got to go to school in pretty much anything she wanted. She chose her fancy dress, walking boots and a crown which she made herself which said "I am 6" in glitter around it. It was mighty fine.

Today we took a cold walk by the White Horse and along Sutton Bank. There was ice in the puddles and frost on north facing slopes. Brrrrrrr.

To be honest, the chidren didn't want to walk at all. They wanted to make dens. So we walked a little and then gave up and took residence in a tree.

Fortunately the view was good (and unphotographable with just a phone!)

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