Sunday, 3 December 2017

November 2

And now it seems like we are constantly running around to things, but yet not doing much!

We went to the dentist and Thea's first wobbly tooth was encouraged out. She was very proud!

There was a training day at school and we were too sleepy to do anything exciting so we vegged at home playing minecraft, watching Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and covering the kitchen with bits of cut sugar and tissue paper while we did random Christmas crafts. They look better with the sun coming through them!

We celebrated Dylan's birthday by Dorothea and F learning to play scrabble and then playing it competitively for 3 hours!

Ian went off to hack a train which he enjoyed.

The rest of us went off to the Grand Northern Suzuki Play-until-you-drop. We got the train to Dewsbury, enjoyed a merry walk through the deserted streets to the rather amazing Civic Hall and then spent all day doing the "Gala Concert" and the "Graduation Concert" and the "Northern Playtogether". The kids were amazing and managed not only to stay awake for the whole thing, but to play their instruments for the whole thing, sit politely for the whole thing, and, most importantly, seemed to enjoy the whole thing!

There may be more pictures coming.....

And then suddenly it was December and so it must be time to decorate scooters for some random school event (it was slightly unclear as to why we were doing this)...

....and have fun at the Christmas Fair. We ran the candy cane fishing stall which involved much painting of giant candy cane signs and wrapping of "fishing rods" in electrical tape to make them look fancy. Many thanks to two grandparents who spent hours cutting out card christmas trees for the craft table. You'll be disappointed to hear that it was a total flop - no-one wanted to make christmas tree sun catchers!

But the candy cane fishing was busy all night and sold out of candy canes!

In the midst of this it snowed properly and we had a good 2 cm of snow on the ground for almost 2 hours! The things we get excited about..... This is when it started.

It's all good fun really!

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