Saturday, 23 December 2017

December 1 (Christmassy things)

Then advent started!

And so the advent calendar encouraged us to do Christmassy things like eating breakfast by candlelight!

Then the great card making started,

followed by much making and munching of mince pies.

Nathaniel's choir did their concert in the Minster Chapter House which was lovely! They make a wonderful noise (they are coached by the amazing Director of Music at the Minster School), and had a room full of parents and tourists absolutely captivated. They were a little surprised to have to provide an encore (apparently that has never happened before), and Alison had to explain to some of them what is was before they decided en masse what they would sing again! It was so sweet!

The next week, instead of a rehearsal, the choir had family carols at the school. We all brought tasty things to share and spent the morning singing carols (with accompaniment by the assistant organist who plays for the choir), with all the descants! Unsurprisingly, the families of the kids are quite enthusiastic singers as well and the noise we made was rather impressive! It was a very fun morning! Here is Han being happy outside the school:

I spent a happy morning in the church crypt making Christingles:

And then it was the school Christingle service. Thea was thrilled to represent her class in the telling of the Christmas story. She got to sit on the "stage" and read her line using a microphone.

Then they all got to terrify the teachers by lighting 178 Christingles and singing to them!

So despite school finishing on the day before Christmas Eve's Eve, we were suitably Christmassy!

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