Sunday, 8 March 2009

All alone

Last night the Barbarellas (my female barbershop quintet) sang a gig in town and so I got the night off Nathaniel-watch. Although I have been away from him on many occasions - going to choir, when he and Ian go for a walk - they are mostly of quite short duration and I'm normally with other people. Its been almost 6 months since I did something as normal and familiar as walking into town on my own! And I greatly enjoyed it. Never let it be said that having kids doesn't make you appreciate the oddest things!

Anyway, this is all an excuse to post a picture of the Barbarellas that I came accross earlier. This is from last summer when we had our first ever solo concert. A good hour of nothing but Barbarellas - what bliss! The shirt I am wearing is the staple Micklegate Singers pregnancy concert shirt and has been worn by at least three Barbarellas so far!

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