Saturday, 7 March 2009

Real Food

Nathaniel now owns a high chair which means that the task of eating has become much more managable! We have decided to give baby-led weaning a try which suits us rather well because we (well, Ian and I) are pretty lazy (ie don't fancy making millions of purees) and like to play with our food! For those who are not familiar with the baby-led weaning thing, it is basically an approach to weaning that involves just eating the food! As babies are physiologically capable of dealing with actual solids by 6 months, there seems little point in turning everything to mush. So instead, you just offer them real bits of food and they play with it and learn to eat it. It's just working with their instincts and letting them develop their eating skills in the same way as they do their walking and balance skills.

So, here is Nathaniel trying some green beans:

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