Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Birthday photos

Thinking of things that one wants for birthdays has always been a problem - we can never think of anything that seems suitably "birthdayish". So it was particularly exciting when I actually thought of something (albeit a little late, at only two days beforehand!) and suggested that it might be fun to get a shiny camera.

We had always enjoyed using the old film SLR camera that we inherited from parents, but it stopped working properly a while ago and we'd debated about whether to fix it or not and, as a result, never got round to it! Then digital cameras appeared in earnest and it seemed even less worth repairing.

Whilst our compact digital camera is very good, the one thing it struggles most with is taking pics inside in not much light - having played with MF's new camera recently, enjoying the crazy zoom and good indoor pictures of the boy, we decided that not being able to take decent photos of him at home was a disadvantage!

However, as 30th birthdays only come around every now and then, it seemed like something good to put birthday money towards. So we spent a happy time on the internet and in camera shops looking at the options for digital SLR cameras and evetually settled on a Nikon D40, which is the entry level Nikon model but has enough exciting bells & whistles to play with whilst we get the hang of it. We also got an additional telephoto lens to go with it so we also have crazy zoom!

It's even clever enough to take a piture of itself....(well, maybe not quite!)

Here are some of the photos we have taken with it. Not necessarily very exciting, but obviously one has to play with a new toy....

"What's that you're pointing at me?"

Crazy zoom!

Trying to be arty..?!

You can even see the dust...

The Return of the Pansy
(it's actually very small!)

Chew chew chew...

Excited baby

I think we need to get the photography books out again to remind us how to use it properly... watch this space to see if the pics improve!!

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