Monday, 25 May 2009


This weekend we took Nathaniel camping for the first time. We kept it simple and went up to the edge of the Moors for a night. On the advice of experienced campers we took the travel cot with us - it just about fitted in the tent, but our days of backpacking are definitely over!

We had fun exploring the campsite and setting up camp in the afternoon and then had a barbeque.

Bedtime wasn't too stressful - it took Nathaniel an hour to go to sleep, but he wasn't crying, just interested in everything around him. Then he slept though until 5 in the morning. A bit early, but not too bad considering how bright the sun was!

The next day we took the new carrier on a walk and found that it was a hundred times more comfortable than the sling, and Nathaniel was really happy in it. I predict lots of walks this summer!

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