Sunday, 10 May 2009

This Weekend

There have been several activities in this weekend. The first was the sailing club training course which, Nathaniel helped out at by making helpful excited noises and kicking his legs. Saturday brought a little more wind than was really ideal, so the novices were restricted to practising in a boat on dry land interspersed with crewing up and down a rather choppy river.

Fortunately, we didn't have any serial jib-cleaters or static ballast amongst them and they all took to it very well, which reduced the risk of any ad hoc capsize drills! There was one slightly "interesting" moment though, where a nice gust popped us onto a plane and went tearing off downwind... don't think that's in the RYA Level 1 syllabus.

Nathaniel also enjoyed the cows in the field next to the club. They came over to say hello and received much arm and leg waving in their general direction.

Then there was a continuation of the learning topic known as "taking stuff out of boxes"....

Followed by a spot of gardening in a spare moment...

Then back to another current learning topic: "sort of trying to crawl but in a freestyle way" i.e. not really with any coordination between front and back. This generally results in movement, though the direction of travel is a little chaotic.

The result is nevertheless a very jolly Nathaniel:

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