Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Post dementia pregnans

They say that pregnancy and child rearing sends your brain to mush. So far I am not doing badly at proving that that's rubbish. While I was pregnant I was pretty much compus mentis (if you look over the time that I went to Birmingham for a meeting in London!), and I am still much better than multi-tasking than most people I know. Learning spanish whilst simultaneously breastfeeding, planning dinner and considering the best way to teach novice sailors how to gybe is quite a feat!

However, there is no getting round the fact that I managed to get myself locked in the house this morning! Leaving my keys in the buggy, which was in the car, and not mentioning this to Ian before he locked the door on his way out, was not a very well considered plan!

But it did afford the street the opportunity to be amused by my next door neighbour limping along the road in her pyjamas (she forgot to put on her slippers), and ratching through the boot of our car whilst I called helpful instructions through the letter box!

I think I may owe her a favour now!!!

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