Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Dance Macabre

Nathaniel seems to be settling in at nursery okay and is enjoying the opportunity to get paint everywhere and refuse to eat anything that sounds like school dinners (he won't eat strawberry mousse or jelly and ice cream!). Today they had a Halloween party and had to come dressed up. Without wanting to sound like a religious nutter, I'm not a big fan of halloween and would happily ignore it, but it seemed a bit mean to send him costumeless so we acquired one. Here he is dancing around the living room:


Nimmy said...

Being in the south I was surrounded by more Hallelujah parties than halloween this year!
If I'd known you were kitting him up I'd have sent you some of the "creations" only sold in the USA!

tassy said...

yeah - i thought about that too late!