Monday, 30 November 2009

The cold

It was rather chilly this morning. Recently the little man has found the world a bit on the cold side. On the day that we got evacuated from the park he was so cold that he cried all the way home. We've tried all the sensible things, but it is hard to get boy tights that are not pink, and you can't really wear babygrows under your dungarees these days as when we get inside he is far too hot.

This morning as we went out to the bike to go to the Steiner group, it started sleeting. So we wrapped up warm:

Nathaniel is wearing:
- vest
- shirt
- dungarees (canvas for windproofing)
- woolly jumper
- tracksuit bottoms
- quilted coat (care of second-cousin Nicholas, thank you!)
- mittens
- buff around neck and head
- hat
- cycle helmet
- blanket
- adult waterproof over entire seat

He was actually warm when we got there, and cosy enough to fall asleep on the way home! This week I shall mainly be scouring the shops for snow suits and tights!

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