Sunday, 10 January 2010

Fun in the snow

There is even more snow now. The chimnea (pictured before) is now pretty much covered. Our leaking gutters have created beautiful icicles.

They are fun to break off and play with!

Yesterday we took the litte boy sledging on the slope by the city walls. We had no sledge (everywhere is sold out), so first I experimented with a tea tray:

It was pretty good, but not very stable for little boys. Fortunately a family nearby had moved on to snowball fights so we borrowed a sledge. Nathaniel wasn't too impressed with being dragged around on it!

But sledging down the hill was totally different!

You can't really see his smile, mainly becuase most of the time he looked like he does on his other favourite equipment, the zip wire - very concentrated! But when he reached the bottom of the hill he pointed straight back up and demanded more. So we went faster and faster!

Today we went back to a steeper bit of slope with a group of friends and Nathaniel conveniently had a long nap in his buggy so we could play! Its so sad that we didn't have a camera! This bit was much longer and steeper a slope and had a brick wall at the bottom to aim for. Actually there was a gap so that you could escape onto the frozen road - a very safe exit strategy!!

No-one had a sledge so we used the trusty tea tray, a cardboard box once containing a convection heater (with a good shiny surface), a silver sheet thing that you use to protect your car windscreeen from frost, and the piece de resistance (can't find how to do accents) - a body board!

It was brilliant! The body board went the fastest, and by the end Ian was scaring people by whizzing down on his kneeses and carrying on a good 15 metres down the road.

I'll try and get some of the photos that the others took, because this was seriously good fun!

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Nimmy said...

Body boards in the snow are the way forward. We built jumps for ours and everything!