Monday, 18 January 2010


As previously mentioned, we have managed to make our house look vaguely saleable mainly by filling up our friends' houses with boxes full of junk. The boxes have been moved several times, but now we have really run out of friends with spare rooms, so we had to resort to storage.

Yes, in theory we have sold the house so we could move it all back here, but to be honest, I don't want to! Its quite nice being able to see the walls and floors and occasionally find enough space to roll along the floor (Nathaniel's favourite game at the minute). There is also the fact that we've not really missed most of it and so this has been a good exercise in identifying that which should really go to the tip/charity shop.

But for the meantime, its been put in a "quarter-garage" in Pickfords' nice storage facility. Nathaniel helped do all the moving this weekend and had a whale of a time! Who would have though that a giant, sparcely furnished warehouse could be so much fun!

He ran up and down the corridors pointing out doors - "dawr, dawr, dawr, DAWR, DAWR!!!!"

He played with keys and tried to unlock things:

He was generally very merry!

P.S. The downside of using my rather useless phone to take photos is that everything comes out like a Crimewatch graphic! Have you seen this man......?

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