Friday, 1 January 2010

Xmas 2009

We had a lovely Christmas and took loads and loads of photos. Here are a large selection of things that we did:

We explored new things to play with in other people's houses:

We found new places to explore:

And found new people to play with:

We had fun eating new foods:

We thought the Christmas tree was great fun, especially when it was surrounded by a rather extravagant number of presents!

We enjoyed opening stockings in bed:

And we all enjoyed opening presents!

Nathaniel got the hang of opening presents very quickly. He sometimes got a bit confused between "This is present for you from Grandpa Beard and Granny Janni" and "This is a present for Grandpa Beard and Granny Janni", but he never actually opened someone else's present without first having been invited to help. I think that's resonably impressive for such a small boy!

We had lots of fun playing with our presents:

We visited lots of new parks and did lots of swinging. Nathaniel discovered bowl-shaped roundabouts which have become a firm favourite. Shame there don't seem to be any north of Watford!

And finally, we went for cold walks on beautiful days.

It was a very happy Christmas!

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Grannyjanny said...

Glad to see the CD arrived!