Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Nathaniel's latest favourite thing is digging. A few weeks ago I weeded out a butler sink that is in the garden, and ever since, Nathaniel has spent hours at a time doing important things there.

First you use your trowel ("trouw") to dig some soil:

Then you transfer the soil to a carrying device (its hard to transport soil on a trowel - you tend to get "dir shoo!"):

Then you empty your soil into a bucket and look at it carefully:

There are lots of interesting buckets to use to empty soil into, carry soil about in, or empty down your dungarees:

There are also lots of implements to use in the soil:

Best of all, eventually someone starts to tidy up all the soil on the paving slabs and brings out the most exciting implement - the brush:


Nimmy said...

Hooray for new dungerees!
I take it they fitted ok then?

Granny janny said...

Have you thought of filling the sink with sand? Eventually he'll start adding water, and wet sand is a lot easier to deal with than soil!