Saturday, 8 May 2010

Sailing and singing

Today was the first day of this year's level 1 course at the sailing club. We were debating whether to take Nathaniel down at all, but he gets very excited when you mention the sailing club and gets his shoes and coat and says "hay ub" all the way there.

There was a little more wind that we would have ideally liked - it was about 20mph but with frequent gusts of 30+mph. This made it rather difficult for the newbies to do any helming, but they got lots of crewing practise and there were only a few little squeaks.

Nathaniel enjoyed himself as usual, playing in the wendy house and on his sailing club trike (thanks to Neville for passing on his grandson's cast-offs!), and exploring all the more exciting toys that the sailing club has to offer.

He also enjoyed simply running around and watching the cows. Its not a bad life for a little boy!

Due to the amount of wind, the course finished a little earlier than planned, which was useful as it gave us time to pop home and do a couple of things before heading out on heavily laden bikes for Catherine's birthday party. It was an open-no-mike party and so we all ate interesting food that people had brought with them and listened (and danced) to a wide range of music. One little boy sang some songs from Les Mis, and other just sang their favourite songs. Ian played some folk on the guitar and sung which got everyone clapping along and jigging.

The Barbarellas bashed out a few old favourites aided and led some rounds. There was much percussion playing and general jollity.

The picture shows Catherine and I getting into the acting of "Diamonds are a girl's best friend" (barbershop style!), and Nathaniel running around with a tamborine round his waist!

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