Saturday, 15 May 2010

More sailing

Sailing club course part 2 was accompanied by sun! Which made it all the nicer for Nathaniel to enjoy the sailing club. We did some moving of the grass with the extremely loud petrol lawn mover and Nathaniel did some important playing in the wendy house: "li-how" (little house).

Nathaniel seems to be incredibly content at the sailing club. I imagine its because there are lot of things going on, lots of people who stop to say hello to him, lots of wierd and wonderful things to play with (strimmers, chainsaws etc) and it involves being outside all day which greatly appeals to him!

What ever the reason, he just seems to enjoy poddling around all day. There are things to pick up and explore in the club house:

Cows to talk to:

And if you get tired, you can sit down and have a snack:

Today, we went for a trip in the rescue boat to which Nathaniel gave his standard treatment: he didn't look terribly sure about the whole thing, but was very definite that "more" was the way to go. He wore his life jacket without a fuss and then posed in the topper as it was being derigged:

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