Saturday, 31 July 2010

Jam tarts

What do you do when you have nothing sweet to eat in the house? You get Nathaniel to cook you something!

We had some pastry left over from Nimmy's (the house-elf) amazing gooseberry meringue pie, so Nathaniel and I settled down this morning to make jam tarts. I was really surprised at how well he managed! Rolling the pastry proved very difficult, which was odd considering how much rolling of things he's done recently.

But cutting the tarts and putting them in the pan went extremely smoothly.

The best bit is adding the jam. Nutmeg today - the sweetest concoction known to man.

It does tend to descend into jam smearing.....

And then it's only a short wait while they "coo(k) innnn ho(t) ov. Wai(t) for beep beep. Coo(l) downnnn".

Not bad considering how little help was provided!


Grannyjanny said...

THAT is the cutest thing in the world. What a clever boy!

Anonymous said...

Very fine jam tarts but I was disappointment not to see jam on the walls!