Sunday, 18 July 2010

Little Houses

This weekend, Nathaniel has become very interested in dens. He has had many in the past, but this time, he curled up in them and played independently for ages and ages.

The first was under his table. He took up residence, asked for the trap walls to be placed around each side, and we passed in various toys and household items that were retrieved by a little hand and then carefully placed in a line and played with one by one.

This afternoon, a house on the sofa was constucted. He sat in here and read books and did some excitable leg thrashing!

He refers to his den as his "li how", which adds to the number of "li howes" that he now recognises including the sailing club wendy house ("hay-ing hub li how"), his dolls' house ("boiy li how") and a rather pretty detached house that we sometimes pass on the way to the shop!

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