Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Maybe it's because there are three adults in the house at the minute, maybe he's just got to that stage, but suddenly things are making a lot more sense.

There are some final consonants: you get "downnnnnn" from the "tay-dul".

Many things have got more than one syllable: we play with "war-ta" and "puh-zul(s)". I am "Mummy" (at last!) and Nimmy is "Arn Nin". There is also the mysterious "Gra-Ja onnn la(p)-to(p)"

And we hear about some wonderful things:

"Ca-va pullll bow o(n) tray-tray back to hayng hub"
"Daddy han bow in gra"
"Arn Nin no(t) here, gone da-ing"
"Plu pie in mouf, bie and swa-oh"
"Bu bee gone ou-hide"
"Arn Nin dri Da milk!"
"Ke-ul too ho(t). Coo down"

Sometimes, when you ask, Nathaniel will tell you what he did at Nursery that day. Normally "Nie day nur-nur. Innn garden. Innnn cars"

There are many requests that we hear on a regular basis:

"Ree bear boo(k) on hoha?"
"Hash shoes on?"
"Pi(ck) broa(d) beans?"

And there are some things that we should never have said in front of him:

"Eeee ca-van"
"Nie" (after any loud emmision)

[Translations for those bits you didn't get: The caravan will pull the boat on the trailer back to the sailing club, Daddy is sanding the boat in the garage, Aunt Nimmy isn't here, she has gone dancing, Plum pie in mouth, bite and swallow, The buzzy bee has gone outside, Aunt Nimmy is drinking Daddy's milk!, The kettle is too hot, it will cool down, Read the bear book on the sofa?, Flashing shoes on?, Evil caravan"

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