Monday, 15 November 2010


Nathaniel is presently very interested by cutting. Having learnt how to use scissors a couple of weeks ago, he now appears to be harrassing the nursery staff to allow him to do cutting on a daily basis. Fortunately they seem pretty chilled out about allowing a rather "enthusiastic" (their words!) 2 year old to have control of sharp blades!

At home we have made many lions (making the mane involves lots of cutting), and now our favourite is tree pictures. You get to use three whole crafts! First you cut the trees with pinking scissors, then glue them on with prit stick, and then draw on the tree trunks. Nathaniel enjoyed carefully lining up the pen to draw the trunk, but at least once in every picture, he gets carried away, and before you know it, the picture also sports "big wheel and little wheel"!

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Anonymous said...

That make me laugh - Nathaniel has a real boys love of anything with wheels!