Saturday, 27 November 2010

More impressive

Today, the snow is much more convincing.

Unfortunately, I am in no position to enjoy it, as I am tucked up in bed with a temperature and a most painful throat. I am feeling miserable, as I am going to miss tonight's Micklegate concert, in which I was supposed to be singing a solo. Grump.

But Ian and Nathaniel have been enjoying themselves. They went on a cold walk to the butcher across the frozen wastes.

Most importantly, they managed to secure, that very precious of comodities, a sledge. Last year there were none to had after day one of the snow, not even for ready money, and we really intended to buy one the second that Pexton's had managed to get a delivery, but of course, we forgot. Fortunately, we were in time, and are the proud possessors of a funky round sledge (chosen by Nathaniel).

Let the fun begin!

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