Thursday, 25 November 2010


It's not proper snow, but it was very pretty when it was falling. After breakfast, Nathaniel and I went to play in it in the garden. For once, Nathaniel agreed that he probably ought to wear his dungarees and coat. Recently every walk has been accompanied by the mantra "Not need coat. Not need hat".

Our snow playing wasn't a roaring sucess. At first Nathaniel wouldn't walk on it at all and played a complicated sort of hopscotch up the muddy bits on the garden path. At last I persuaded him that it was okay to walk on it, and we held hands and listened to the "crunch crunch noise snow make" when we stood on it. The he spent a giggly few minutes stamping a small patch to smitherines and discovering that it wasn't terribly good snow and so melted at the slightest touch.

Then he decided that it was time to "go back new house, do hoo-vring". And that was that.

But I enjoyed it!

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