Sunday, 12 December 2010


Sorry that there haven't been many posts recently - it's all been a bit quiet here. We haven't been very busy with exciting things as we have been rather preoccupied with Ian applying for jobs and preparing for interviews, and me having a three-week hideous cold and cough and injuring myself in various and amusing ways (its not great that at the tender age of two years and two months, Nathaniel knows that "sharp knifes (sic) hurt lots" and "head wounds make lots blood").

What we have been doing is:

decorating a christmas tree

making villages

and doing lots of cooking. This time, T biscuits.


Grannyjanny said...

That all sounds VERY alarming. Is everyone OK? Did you come off your bike?

Anonymous said...

Not as alarming as it sounds. Actually pure ineptitude. I have a large bruise, but all is well!