Thursday, 2 December 2010

der Schnee

What do you think we saw this morning?

Are you bored of this subject yet? I think that there might be more to come!

Nathaniel and I got dressed up and went out to play.

The snow on the stray is now up to tassy-mid-thigh level, but the drifts can be anything up to waist height. You have pick spots for Nathaniel to tramp in with some care. Some knowledge of the hidden topology is helpful.

It's all rather pretty.

Nathaniel declined to throw himself down slopes, so I played and he stood at the top and played with the camera. In true toddler style, he is perfectly aware of how to switch it on, zoom in and out, and take photos. Shame he didn't manage to take any of me having fun!

When we got home, we made a den and stuff like that, and then Nathaniel decided that he wanted to "dress up in this dress". So we did:

1 comment:

Grannyjanny said...

Just what you want -a toddler able to take self-portraits of his own dried snot.

We are SO envious of your snow!