Wednesday, 1 December 2010

La Neige

Today, York stopped.

Some snow fell.

At 10:30, my office decided that it was all getting a little silly and that people should consider going home.

Snow fell.

First York stopped running buses through suburbia. Only main arterials were served - you had to walk from then.

Snow fell.

First York stopped running any buses at all.

Snow fell.

The "last" trains were anounced.

Snow fell.

I walked home across the strays, wading through drifts that went over my knees.

Snow fell.

Most of the nurseries closed. Ours (they are brilliant!), didn't even think about it! But at one point, there was the possibility that I would have four toddlers to look after all afternoon until their parents could get here!

Snow fell.

I decided to have a quick walk outside to take some photos.

The dark line of cloud along the bottom of the sky was about to appear and drop, you guessed it, snow on me!

It's almost impossible to take a photo to show how deep the snow is, without someone with you to bury!

These pictures were taken in colour!

It took me 15 minutes to walk the 5 minute walk to Nathaniel's nursery, and if it weren't for the fact that it was already there and needed bringing back to the house, I never would have attempted pushing the buggy!

We came home and cooked pancakes filled with spicy applesauce and raisins. It was a fine end to a cold day!

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