Friday, 4 March 2011


It is here!

The new boiler has arrived! It hasn't been too bad waiting for it. It was pretty chilly in the bathroom, but the hideous gas fire in the living room has kept us pretty toasty when playing, and my parents' electic heaters (with thermostats), have kept the bedrooms above freezing overnight.

It helps that the new roof is now insulated and the plaster is starting to go into the new rooms, so we are pretty much sealed against the elements.

But it is nice to have real, constant heat, and feel the bricks warm up again. Also, this is a new improved boiler. No more heating up a whole tank of water just so we can do the washing up. No more running most of the Nile down the sink waiting for the hot water to appear. And most importantly, no more putting the heating on, forgetting about it and roasting.

We now have a thermostat! And its wireless! So if you really wanted to, you could carry it into the room you were particuary bothered about and switch on the heating.

I really shouldn't be this excited......

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