Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Wheeled vehicles

In the last week, Nathaniel has become very interested in creating "life-size" vehicles in the living room. Unlike previous vehicle-building activities, the important aspect of the game is now adding specific elements to the vehicle rather than "playing" the game. Previously we would "build" a train and then spend half an hour arriving at the station, getting passengers on, driving off, fixing the broken train and filling it up with petrol. Now, the actual diving is a 5 minute game at the end, but first we have to scour the house for all the important elements that make up the vehicle.

Here we have a truck:

It has a steering wheel, wheels on either side (cushions), bricks in the back, and a CD player so that the driver doesn't get bored on long journeys. Ian is non-descript cargo.

This (note how it is totally different!!!), is a tractor:

It's key features are small wheels (2) at the front (stickle-bricks), large wheels at the back (tiger feet), a steering wheel, and a sheep (Ian) in the trailer. What, you didn't identify the animal from the face it's pulling?!!

There is also a train, which has no steering wheel, but has two different levers, a funnel, two carriages and passengers.

All are made up of a stool and two chairs, but the exact arrangement of the furniture is key. Woe betide the parent who puts them in the wrong place - "No Dadddy - that's a truck. Making a tractor now!".

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