Sunday, 6 March 2011


Today was properly spring. It was the sailing club clearing day (or stand-around-and-gossip day, as it is better known), so we bundled up in our waterproofs and wellies and headed down to the river.

We endulged in all the standard activities - scraping mud off the boat park, clearing the jetties of several inches of silt, and carrying boats out of the club house. Nathaniel enjoyed the festivities last year, but this year he was in his element! He got involved with everything.

His sweeping was done with an adult-sized broom and was attacked with gusto. He took direction from several club members, and Dorothea even managed to get him to sweep forwards into the pile rather than concentrating on getting an even spread of mud across the whole dingy park!

He took on the role of hose carrier for the slipway clearing and gamely washed mud out of the way, pausing only to put on gloves. This is totally unheard of! Typically, he will not wear gloves in any situation, and when his hands are so cold that he loses all coordination, demands to go home!

He spent some time learning to use pedals on the trike that Neville had brought down to the club last year. This year, Nathaniel's feet reach the pedals!

After watching a bonfire, and having lunch with friends, we came home and attacked our garden. Nathaniel did more sweeping and helped Ian put the prunings into the green bin.

Of course they then need to be squashed down:

And if one little boy is having that much fun,

The bigger boy has to play too!

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