Monday, 26 March 2012

18 weeks

What Thea likes to do most is stand. And hang out with Nathaniel. Here they are entranced by Pingu. I had forgotten how great it was! Thea looks like she is kneeling, but those are in fact her legs! Most of them are hidden by the giant cloth nappy. And if you look closely you can see the lovely pox scabs. She has had the pox much more convincingly than Nathaniel and looked so much like a proper plague victim that I couldn't bring myself to take photos of her spots!
This is Thea's favourite way of winding down before a nap - listening to Ian play the guitar (please ignore the piles of clothes - we are trying to sort them out!).
This makes her very happy, do little dances and blow lots of accompanying raspberries!
She loves having a big brother and is happiest when she is with Nathaniel. He's sometimes rather nice to her as well! Today he made her a shade so that she wouldn't get too hot in the sun:

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