Saturday, 31 March 2012

Modes of transport

Life has suddenly got easier - Dorothea is now officially big enough to ride in the bike trailer which means that we can get around sensibly again!
Our first trip - to town in the fog

Nathaniel and Thea and I used our new found freedom to meet some friends for some cycling today, and Nathaniel's friend brought his new pedal bike. He was kind enough to let Nathaniel have a go. On his first attempt I held the back and gave him a push to get him going so that he could work out how to pedal. Duration - about 30 seconds. Here is his second attempt:

 It's so unremarkable, it's boring! No £250 from You've Been Framed for dramatic face planting for us. Let it be known that kids who have scooty bikes take 30 seconds to learn how to ride a pedal bike!

The scariest bit came this evening when I discovered how much kids pedal bikes cost!

(NB He is burbling about his discovery that the bike has back-pedal brakes)

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