Sunday, 11 March 2012

The new sailing season

Today was the first day of the new sailing season and the weather obliged by being glorious. The sun shone, it was warm, and there was little enough wind for Nathaniel to sail, but enough to make it worth while. Dorothea was very interested by her first proper visit to the club (she slept through a clearing morning) and enjoyed getting involved. She greatly enjoyed rigging and waved her arms and legs madly trying to get hold of ropes and sails and had the same intent concentrating face that Nathaniel pulls. I assume that she has taken it all in and will be able to rig an RS200 perfectly now!
Nathaniel was pleased to be back and enjoyed all his favourite activities such as rigging the boat,
and pushing it down the slipway
and discovered that he had grown since October and could now lift more things and climb higher.
He was, as ever, very pleased to see the YRISC matchbox car selection! Ian and Nathaniel sailed in the first race and Nathaniel discovered that the river was rather cooler than it had been in the autumn and that trailing his fingers overboard led to cold fingers.
We had a tasty lunch and then I comandeered a GP while the others were eating and had a wonderful pootle down the river while everyone else was eating. It was perfect - the sun on my back, and enough wind to allow me to close reach all the way down to Naburn properly hiked out with the water bubbling merrily beneath me. I almost didn't come back!

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