Sunday, 5 May 2013

On the water

At last, a day when it was plausible for us to go to the sailing club! I spent the morning, in rather gusty conditions, demonstrating to a novice crew how to convincingly lose two races.
Nathaniel and Dorothea kept themselves busy outside the "club-shed" (named by Nathaniel).
In the afternoon, Ian took out said novice while I spent some time with a clingy baby, and Nathaniel and I took a walk onto the bridge. The wind had calmed down dramatically, and as we watched Sea Willow glide (maybe drift) under the bridge, there was a call; "Does Nathaniel want to crew for the next race?".

I have never seen a little boy scoot so fast. In fact I had no idea he knew how to do it (He's always been a bike rather than scooter child)! In three minutes, he was back in the compound, putting on his life jacket and racing down to the jetty. Steve ditched his rather heavier crew, and the two of them went to on beat everyone in the last race of the day.
You've got to admire him - Steve kept Nathaniel interested during the whole race (something about puddings was much talked about - I don't get it!), and managed to stay sane (in fact he muttered something about being a motorcycle for long periods of time as a child), while Nathaniel made motorboat noises for almost a whole lap!

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