Monday, 6 May 2013


It was time for another day trip to celebrate Jim and Vicki's car, and with the winter over and the prospect of spending all day outside rather appealing, we went to visit the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

It was immediately exciting. Nathaniel and I had talked at length about sculpture and what it might look like, but he wasn't expecting it to be as simple as a bridge. Nevertheless, Thea found the Ha Ha Bridge endlessly wonderful. She ran over it and around it and back over. She took run ups to it and peered through it. Never has art been so much fun!

Meanwhile, Nathaniel had tempted everyone away from the scultpure and into his "house" where he spent some time identifying various room and directing us to where to sit, eat, sleep etc. We had no objections. Playing in trees is great fun, especially when the foliage is so thick that you are totally hidden from view and can alarm innocent passers by!

That being said, we did enjoy finding scultpures. Some were wierder than others, some were downright scary.

Some were just pleasant.

I enjoyed Barbara Hepworth's Family of Man and we had lots of fun with the musical installation that played things triggered by you walking around it.

For Nathaniel, one of the highlights was seeing a campervan that matched the campervan in his bag. We spent some time examining the two of them together and identifying the differences.

Thea enjoyed the bits you could walk on - which was lots of things. The more precarious the bridge/rock face/scrambling precipice, the better.

After a picnic in the sun we wandered down to the woods to see sculpture hidden around the lake amongst the last of the bluebells.

Thea had a nap and we played pooh-sticks and walked on stepping stones.

It was all extremely pleasant. We just ambled around admiring or being puzzled by the scultpure, watching the wildlife, and having many snack/ice cream stops. You could hardly ask for a more relaxed day.

Nathaniel walked all around without grumbling, helped by his trusty stick which we had to bring home.

(Cheetah was there too, of course)

Thea was not going to be outdone.

And the best thing is that, despite wandering all day, we have still only covered half of the park and didn't even get to any of the indoor galleries. I foresee many future visits!

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