Sunday, 28 September 2014

Not Camping

We've had this weekend in the diary for camping, and of course the weather was spectacular, but in the end, were all a bit under the weather and tired and a lot of people had to be at work until 5pm on Friday (which is rather close to sunset up here in the north), so we made a new plan.

Camping in the garden!

Rather than our Baden-Powell inspired ubercamp, we made a nylon city at the end of our garden, decorated it with fairy lights and lit the chimnea.

The first two tents go up....

We cooked Friday supper on the oven in our kitchen and then toasted marshmallows for a "midnight" feast on the fire.

Two skeletons enjoy marshmallows.

On Saturday we got up slowly and then went for a walk along the river at Benningborough which was just enough exercise for us all! There was wood collecting, and log clambering on and a little muddy beach to play on.

And then lots of other people turned up for a barbecue and roasted corn on the cob and Benningborough burgers and home grown courgettes and tasty sardines were eaten with glee.

Today the kids played endless complicated games inside and out. Walkie talkies were used liberally and every single toy in the house was used for something.

And then we all decamped to a friend's 40th birthday celebrations and ate cake all afternoon.

We didn't get our dose of wilderness, but we had lots of fun.

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