Sunday, 21 September 2014


Thank you for all the wonderful birthday presents sent to Nathaniel! He has much to read and play with and is very appreciative.

He even managed not to get up at the crack of dawn, instead lying in bed and reading until 7:30. I had to write that so that I'd remember it in years to come!

And then we opened presents!

And then we played with presents!

And then after some lunch it was time to go to his party. I had declined to have loads of kids in our rather messy house, so we had an explorers party in the woods. It was all very exciting!

Basically 6 friends joined Nathaniel and a bunch of younger siblings to rampage round the woods for a couple of hours. They ran, we made a den, made some fire, created candle holders with special gems and generally had fun.

The star of the afternoon was definitely Ian who was the bear! We ran numerous bear hunts - the bear ran through the woods leaving a trail of white pine cones. The kids chased after him picking up his pine cones and stuffing them in their foraging bags. They were then rewarded with sweets for all the cones they returned to the bear (we got through a whole tin of Roses!). They wanted to do it again and again. And again. And again.

It was a great party!

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