Thursday, 11 September 2014


Term has started and things are getting back to normal. Nathaniel has started Class 1 and is enjoying such privileges such as being able to go to the tuck shop and being allowed water bottles in class.

Two children were very pleased to be in each others' company again.

We've visited the train-watching spot pretty much every day and enjoyed trains.

We've enjoyed after school crafts:

We've scooted to school together:

We've enjoyed the garden:

Thea and F have played endlessly on the climbing frame with rope and a handful of cars. I've cleared a whole square foot of flowerbed (no mean feat when you consider that it was overgrown over a thick layer of pebbles and no membrane. Did they not watch Ground Force?!):

We've played with wheeled items:

Thea has started to demonstrate a love of complicated jigsaws. (Easy one pictured!)

All is well.

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